The Research Group “Architecture: Design&Research&Learning” has developed studies and researches with the purpose of widening the acknowledgment and diffusion of Brazilian and Paulista modern architecture main works. This research follows other previous researches and will be continued in other already started or ongoing researches, while other studies are still being proposed and waiting for proper funding.

Three are the major research lines of the GP: APPE: Architectural Design Research, whose aim is to investigate the processes of the architectural design in learning and professional practices [PROJECT]; Documentation and Collection, whose aim is to foment digital documentation to improve the availability of Brazilian architecture digital information and to provide its access throughout the world wide web, as a device to improve architectural teaching and practice [REPERTOIRE]; Theory, History and Criticism, whose aim is to advance in the critical analysis of modern and contemporary modern architectural production,  in Brazil and in Latin America [REFLECTION]. These three research lines - Project, Repertoire and Reflection - are not disconnected but are complementary and inter-related.

In the Research Line “Documentation and Collection” some works have already been undertaken: “Paulista architects: ideas and works” (digitalization of the architect Telésforo Cristofani’s collection, supported by Mackpesquisa 2005-2006), and “Digital documentation Center” (supported by Mackpesquisa 2007-2008). The research “Paulista Brutalist Architecture: Digital Data Bank 1953-1973” gives continuity to those previous efforts and was aimed at the organization of this site (supported by Mackpesquisa 2008-2009).


Coordination: Prof.Dr.Ruth Verde Zein; coordination of the CAD re-drawings: Prof.MsA Ângelo Cecco Jr.; research support: Prof.Dra.Cecilia Rodrigues dos Santos; fellowship-awarded undergraduate student, master’s degree candidate PPGAU-Mackenzie: Edson Lucchini Jr.; fellowship-awarded students, undergraduate FAU-Mackenzie: Vivian de Freitas Pio, Rômulo Santos Esteves, Laura Teixeira Porto Reis, Thalita Teixeira Ambrogi, Jessica Souza Chamma, Flora Maria Groke Campanatti; volunteer undergraduate students, FAU-Mackenzie: Raphael Ferrari Wittmann, Mariana Fernandes; Pedro Imparato Favale; volunteer undergraduate student FAU-USP: Eduardo Pompeu Martins; volunteer architect, doctor’s degree candidate PROPAR-UFRGS: Maribel Aliaga Fuentes.

English version: architect and translator ANITA R. DI MARCO:




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